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About Us

Beavet Medical is a leading medical technology companies and, together with our customers, is driven to make animal healthcare better. We offer innovative veterinary products and veterinary services in Orthopaedics (Trauma, Spine, Joints Prosthesis and Sport Medicine), Medical and Surgical, Dental, Ophthalmology and Neurotechnology that help improve animal health and hospital outcomes. We are inspired by the needs of these animals and by the surgeons and healthcare providers who treat them.

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Beavet Medical exists to provide:

  • Exceptional Responding
  • Delivering Innovation
  • Transforming Veterinary Surgeries
  • Advancing Animal Healthcare.


Empower healthcare providers worldwide to deliver exceptional outcomes for animal health.

At Beavet Medical, we pursue exceptional outcomes.

Our Mission is to enable healthcare providers around the world to deliver exceptional outcomes for animals, through accessible Beavet Medical solutions.


A culture of teamwork based on mutual trust and respect.


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Tel: +86 19896688185

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